Pioneers in Eco Materials

Since 1989, Yemm & Hart has been providing high-quality Eco Materials for the commercial built environment.

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One Origins Solid Color for each of the 6 doors
Origins Solid Colors cheer up a room

Eco-Materials are eco-friendly because they contain recycled materials and will not harm the environment during their manufacture or use. Eco comes from ecology, which is the interrelationship of organisms and their environment. Recycling is eco-friendly because it saves energy by extending the life of extracted natural resources. Materials made from the recycling effort are Eco Materials. Yemm & Hart’s Eco-Materials are equal to or better than similar materials made without eco-friendly materials. Plus, they are made in the USA. These materials are excellent for commercial and demanding residential environments because they are extremely durable. Yemm & Hart’s Eco-Materials are a wise choice to specify, install and use because they are superior materials.

Resilient flooring

Tire Veneer is a high-quality resilient eco-material for interior and exterior applications. Tire Veneer is available in rolls, square cut, and interlocking tiles. Color specks can be added for design.

Flexisurf is the most robust vinyl surfacing material on the market because, at 6mm or 1/4 inch thickness, it will never wear out. There are 8 colors available and the color goes all the way through the entire thickness.

Origins Plastic Panels

Origins recycled polyethylene plastic panels are popular because of their fantastic bright colors and unique patterns. Use Origins decorative panels for wall coverings, work surfaces, restroom partitions, and vanities. Visit Origins Patterns, Origins Solids, and Origins Quick Ship for detailed information.

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