Colorful HDPE Plastic Sheet

Colorful HDPE Plastic Sheet, we offer 3 types and call them all Origins. Origins Colorful HDPE Plastic Sheets are High-Density Polyethylene panels containing up to 100% post-consumer recycled resin.

1. Multi-colored compression molded panels – Origins PatternsOrigins plastic sheet Origins Patterns

2. Full Spectrum of single color compression molded panels – Origins SolidsOrigins plastic sheet Origins Solids


Origins Plastic Sheet Uses

Vacuum Formed Polyethylene Military Foxhole Cover
Foxhole Cover
Black Polyethylene Sheet Machine Parts
Machine Parts
Origins Travertine Privacy Stalls
Privacy stalls
Origins 503 Warm Orange Vanity
Origins Clipboards
Origins 513 Cutting Board
Cutting Board
Square and Round Origins Key Tags
Key Tags
Origins Inlay Signage
Origins Pen Top
Writing Pen
Origins Shoe Highheel
Shoe Highheel
Origins as Artwork
Origins Children's Toy
Children’s Toy
Origins Knock Down End Table
KD End table
Origins Toybox chairs
Toybox Chairs
Origins Work Surface Edges
Work Surface Edges
Origins Partition Wall
Partition Wall
Origins Reversible Art
Origins Cafe Seating
Cafe Seating
Origins Laser Etched
Laser Etching
Origins Toys
Origins Occasional Table
Occasional Table
Origins Play Area
Play Area
Origins Patio Table
Patio Table
Origins Paneling
Origins Table Tops
Table Tops
Origins Laboratory Counter Top
Origins School Lab Worksurface
School Lab
Origins Bathroom Counter Top
Bathroom Counter
Origins Home Kitchen
Origins Reception Desk
Reception Desk
Origins Commercial Vanity
Commercial Vanity
Children’s Play Area