Flexisurf Vinyl Flooring

Flexisurf ranks as an advanced resilient vinyl flooring material.

Flexisurf vinly flooring used for a display of chairs
Flexisurf vinyl flooring as open office corridor

Flexisurf is a resilient vinyl flooring material that is harder than rubber and softer than wood, concrete or ceramic. At 1/4″ (6mm) thick, Flexisurf vinyl flooring will virtually last forever. What is especially relevant to our world is this material is made from recycled vinyl auto upholstery scrap. A benefit of this type of scrap is that it contains polyester fibers, providing added strength to Flexisurf. Flexisurf is made in the USA from USA sourced materials. Finally, this awesome material is available in eight colors and four sizes, 18″ x 18″ interlocking tiles, 2′ x 2′ and 5′ x 5′ square tiles and 5′ x 8′ sheets.

Flexisurf Color Chart

Flexisurf vinyl flooring may be color batch sensitive.

Flexisurf Uses and Why

  •         Commercial
  • Athletic
  • Playground
  • Cargo & Truck Mats
  • Canine & Pets
  • Equine
  • Home
  • Tough
  • Resilient
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Mildew Resistant

Flexisurf Vinyl Flooring Prices for Square  Tiles & Sheet – Each

2′ x 2′ Grays Matte – $6.22
2′ x 2′ Grays Gloss – $7.79
2′ x 2′ Colors Matte – $8.80
2′ x 2′ Colors Gloss – $9.76
5′ x 5′ Grays Matte – $64.38
5′ x 5′ Grays Gloss – $81.56
5′ x 5′ Colors Matte – $89.69
5′ x 5′ Colors Gloss – $105.31
5′ x 8′ Grays Matte – $98.00
5′ x 8′ Grays Gloss – $126.00
5′ x 8′ Colors Matte – $138.50
5′ x 8′ Colors Gloss – $163.50

Recommended Epoxy Adhesive: PA-127 – 70-100sf/gal kit – $76.63 per gallon

Flexisurf Vinyl Flooring Options

Flexisurf can be produced in 1/8″ thickness for a little less cost.  We can also supply tools and materials for welding Flexisurf – just contact us.

For interlocking tiles, visit Flexisurf Interlocking Tiles.

Flexisurf Vinyl Flooring Shipping Information –

Flexisurf ships flat in between two sandwiched wood pallets. The maximum number of tiles or sheets per pallet is: Interlocking Tiles (18″x 18″) = 360 ; 24″ x 24″ Tiles = 160; 5′ x 5′ Tiles = 40; 5 ‘x 8’ Sheet = 30. Ten (10) sheets or more are shipped flat on a pallet. Less than 10 are rolled & shipped on a smaller pallet unless otherwise requested. In addition, ten (10) Tiles (18″x 18″ & 24″ x 24″) can be packed per carton which will ship via courier or LTL depending upon quantity. Furthermore, single sheets can be rolled and shipped via courier. Gloss sheets are never rolled. Flexisurf weight calculation formula: L” x W” x T” x 0.05 = lbs. Add 300 lbs. per double pallet. Pallets of Flexisurf are shipped LTL,  NMFC – 070970-11, class 60. Packing Charges: Cartons for sheet $25.00; Pallets $100.00.

Flexisurf Material Data

YH Terms of Sale

Colors may be batch sensitive.

Prices and availability may change without notice.

We will provide a quotation for any inquiries and all orders are acknowledged to the customer.

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Finally, the specifier and/or customer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their applications. Contact us for physical samples.