HDPE Vanities

HDPE Commercial Vanities

Origins 503 Warm Orange Vanity

Yemm & Hart Origins Recycled HDPE Panels make excellent vanities and countertops. Though the material is softer than the standard solid surface materials, this is offset by the fantastic Origins Patterns and bright Origins Solids. YH HDPE vanities are also available from HDPE Common panels. By choosing and specifying Yemm & Hart Origins Vanities, you are selecting a material whose environmental attributes far exceed those of the thermosets (standard solid surface), granite, and plastic laminated wood.

Impervious to Moisture

Origins 501 Confetti Commercial Vanity

HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene and thus, it is impervious to moisture. There is never a risk of damp swelling wood leading to delamination years in the future as there is with plastic laminated vanities and countertops. Additionally, Origins HDPE vanities have no edges that can catch clothing and peel off over time. This is a great material for commercial applications plus, it keeps more plastic bottles out of landfills, the ocean and from being incinerated into the air.

 Order like HDPE Toilet Stalls

Origins 112 Bluebird Commercial Vanity

Choose and specify Yemm & Hart Origins Commercial Vanities in the same way that you would choose and specify Yemm & Hart’s Green Partitions, those HDPE Toilet Privacy Stalls. Request a quotation with plans and specifications, if the quote is acceptable, submit a purchase order and receive detailed shop drawings on which to field verify the dimensions. Our vanities are produced in the same way as our partitions; the same material, the same shop. and the same hardware. If Vanities and stalls are ordered at the same time, they will ship together.

We have several typical vanity drawings for your information –

Between Wall Vanity Plan View Between Wall Vanity Plan View
Between Wall & Panel Vanity Plan View Between Wall & Panel Vanity Plan View
Corner Vanity Plan View Corner Vanity Plan View
Free Standing Vanity Plan View Free Standing Vanity Plan View
Vanity End Elevation Vanity End Elevation
Vanity Intermediate Support Elevation Vanity Intermediate Support Elevation