Still Hope for the USA James Comey: Trump won’t be removed. But we’ll be fine. When I was a little kid, the United States seemed to be coming apart. The president was murdered in public. The first lady had his blood on her pink suit. Then the man who killed the president was murdered, also in public. Earlier that same year, four black girls in Birmingham, Ala., were killed by a racist bomb attack during Sunday school. Then Malcolm X was assassinated. Then Martin Luther King Jr. Then the murdered president’s brother, who was a senator and likely to be the next president. Our cities were torn by riots and fires. Troops were deployed — at least those who weren’t half a world away in Vietnam, being killed by the thousands in a war…
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Community Playground

Origins 517 Carnival from Yemm & Hart's Origins Patterns collection has recently been used in New York City by May + Watkins Design. Follow this link to see the playground and learn more about the design company - [caption id="attachment_1706" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Origins 517 Carnival[/caption]
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Tire Veneer Appreciated by Horses

There once was a horse barn that had a new concrete floor in a portion of it. The owner planned to cover the concrete with Tire Veneer, a rubber roll material. The installation was loose lay without adhesive. The material arrived on Thursday and one half of the concrete was covered on Friday.  The installation crew did not work over the weekend. When they returned on Monday, they discovered the horses were standing on the rubber portion and not on the concrete. This Indicates that it may be less stressful to stand on rubber than bare concrete. Voting with their feet!
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