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Simply Morels - 3 Morel Mushrooms
3 Morels by Simeon

Although this topic has nothing to do with materials it still might be interesting to some. Like many forest dwellers, we enjoy hunting for and eating Morel Mushrooms that appear in random places near the end of April. All the recipes we have heard or read use oil, butter, breading to fry or mixing them into some other food dish. Simeon was determined to discover how morel mushrooms would taste just plain and simple with no added flavors. He discovered cooking morels is simply morels and shares his recipe with you –

Simply Morels - Morel Mushrooms Cut Into Slabs
Morels Cut Into Slabs by Simeon

First slice the morel mushrooms into thin slabs. Next, put about 1mm depth of water on an oven-safe ceramic plate. Then lay the slabs of mushroom in the water. Set the plate into a 350 ° F oven for about 5 minutes or until the water turns light brown and the water and mushrooms were steaming. Let the cooked mushrooms cool slightly before eating.

We all found the taste was earthy, nutty, wholesome and delicious. The light brown water was relished as an excellent broth. Because of this experience, our family will never use any other additive when cooking our next batch of morel mushrooms.

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