How to Sell Your Wine Corks

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Have Wine Corks? Lets Talk

Acceeptable wine corks with the cull removed.
Acceptable Wine Corks

Who Pays For The Shipping of Wine Corks?

As long as you package up 15 Lbs. or more of wine corks, Yemm & Hart (YH) will send you a prepaid UPS shipping label. A box full of used wine corks must weigh at least 15 Lbs. This is about 1,500 corks. We don’t recommend packages exceeding 50 Lbs because they are more difficult to handle and could break during transit. It is safer to make 2 smaller packages.

Contact us with the dimensions of the box: width, length, height, and its weight (you can use a bathroom scale). We will send to you by email, a PDF of a prepaid UPS shipping label that you print out and apply to your package. Give your package to UPS or a business that has regular UPS service. We don’t reimburse for UPS pick-up charges. In addition, for larger quantities of used cork (300 Lbs. or more) that fit on a wood pallet, we will send to you by email, a PDF of a Bill of Lading and Shipping Label to be copied for each container. We will arrange for the shipment to be picked up at no expense to you. You will be responsible for loading the truck.

Can I Send Any Wine Corks?

We recycle all types of corks, however, we only pay for full cylinder, natural corks. We pay for whole corks, twin cap, and agglomerated wine cork stoppers. To qualify for payment, wine corks need to have 2 continuous, unbroken circular edges at each end and no significant breakouts on the sides. We consider the following not acceptable for payment; unused (never in a bottle), broken, gnawed, drilled (corks opened with corkscrews are OK), Champagne, tapered, coasters, sheet, synthetic stoppers, corks attached to or containing wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, plastic, wax, string, paint, glue, wire or any other non-cork material. Hence, these we recycle but do not qualify for payment. See examples

How and When Does Payment Occur for my Wine Corks?

We weigh each package as it is received and compare this weight with the weight on the UPS label. Then, we carefully sort and weigh the contents of each package. We record the weights of the acceptable wine cork which we call “good” and culled material Which we call “bad” on a copy of the UPS label we sent to you for each package. This label copy is next forwarded to our accounting office for payment to you. Yemm & Hart pays at the rate of 50¢ per pound ($0.50/Lb.) which is approximately 1/2¢ per cork. We will mail a check to the sender or another address of their choice within approximately 45 days of receipt of the package. YH makes a good faith effort to pay the sender for all acceptable or good used wine corks. Plus, we pay for the prearranged shipping costs meeting the requirements set forth herein. We cannot be responsible for payments to anyone in the event a package, documentation or electronic data become lost. Finally, YH will accept any amount of wine corks sent at the sender’s expense and recycle them. Please send packages to the following address:

Yemm & Hart
Wine Cork Purchasing
425 N Chamber Dr.
Fredericktown MO 63645

We would love to answer any questions – contact us.