No Pay Corks

YH recycles No Pay Corks but does NOT pay for them.

Broken edge, mangled sides & art project are No Pay Corks
Broken edge, mangled sides, art project
Odd shaped, Champagne, non-cork knobs & tapered are No Pay Corks
Odd shaped, Champagne, non-cork knobs & tapered
Broken pieces & synthetic stoppers are No Pay Corks
Broken pieces & synthetic stoppers

New, unused wine cork a No Pay Cork
New, unused wine cork

Other No Pay Corks

Other No Pay Corks include unused corks (never been in a bottle), flat sheet cork, cork floor tile and other products made from cork. We will recycle it all, however. Synthetic corks are LDPE #4 which we granulate and feedback to the plastics industry. We granulate all other No Pay Cork to reduce its volume. Granulated cork has many uses and so we often sell this by-product. Some of the uses are alternative bean-bag filler, insulation, garden soil additive and material for molding 3-dimensional objects.

We cannot accept cork from the insulation of commercial Cold Storage Buildings. These thick sheets of cork typically carry adhesive containing asbestos on the back side of the cork sheet. On the front side of the sheet is typically white paint that contains lead. Our business does not handle hazardous materials like these.

In conclusion, we typically find in the post-consumer waste stream of cork, probably about 60% to 70% of corks that we can pay for. Although it is appreciated, you do not have to sort your corks before sending them to us because we already have a fantastic sorting system.

We would love to answer any questions – contact us.