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Results of cork recycling with Yemm & Hart
Sorted recycled corks

Why Recycle Corks With Yemm & Hart?

Cork recycling with Yemm & Hart helps the lives of many people. Because we pay you for wine corks, you can benefit yourself or your favorite organization. Cork recycling is good for the environment. You can feel good about recycling those awesome little cylinders of renewable cork oak tree bark. What material could be more natural than this special type of wood? Let it make a difference for you.

Helping Others with Cork Recycling

For example, our Corks For The Cure partnership with the International Myeloma Foundation helps fund research. The research seeks better treatments for Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow.  Every dollar raised matters and brings us closer to a cure. Your corks can also help to support Garden Clubs, Women’s Clubs, Scouts, Schools and School Groups, Animal Shelters, Parent Teacher Organizations, Women’s Shelters, Religious and Fraternal Organizations, Musical Groups and many others; you decide.

Corks Help the Economy

All of the wine corks that are recycled with Yemm & Hart go to the Madison County Sheltered Workshop in Fredericktown, Missouri, a division of the Missouri Department of Education. There, the clients, depending upon their individual abilities, are engaged in meaningful employment with corks. From sorting and grading corks to packaging, marketing on the Internet, fulfillment of orders and customer service, the range of job opportunities is significant.

At the workshop, the best corks are packaged and sold into the craft market. Crafters are those small artistic businesses that create decorative and useful items for the home and the workplace. Here again, recycled corks provide pleasant and meaningful work for thousands of small businesses throughout the United States.

The Best Place to Recycle Corks

When you recycle your corks with Yemm & Hart, you are helping the environment by keeping corks out of landfills. You are also helping our economy by providing jobs. Cork recycling extends the cork’s useful life. After enjoying a bottle of wine, recycling your corks with Yemm & Hart has a multiplier effect. These are reasons to recycle cork that you can feel good about. Become part of this positive flow that benefits so many others. Buying wine sealed with real cork benefits this agricultural industry because it encourages the use of more cork. Package up at least 15 Lbs. of wine corks and we will send you a prepaid UPS shipping label. We pay for those corks graded as acceptable. See How to Sell Your Wine Corks.

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