Origins Quick Ship

Origins plastic sheet Origins Quick Ship

Origins Quick Ship – Since we introduced solid colors to the Origins family of post-consumer recycled polyethylene panels, some colors were ordered more frequently than others. Consequently, we invested in these popular colors by extruding them to inventory, creating our Origins Quick Ship panels. Therefore, we keep a stock of these colors in a few of the more common thicknesses and sizes. Ship time is less than 2 weeks.

Origins quick Ship 114x Sapphire

114x Sapphire

Origins Quick Ship 120x Dogwood
120x Dogwood
Origins Quick Ship 121x Limestone
121x Limestone
Origins Quick Ship 122x Ash
122x Ash
Origins Quick Ship 126x Jet
126x Jet
Origins Quick Ship 511x Midnight
511x Midnight

Origins Quick Ship colors may be batch sensitive.

Post-consumer content may vary by batch.

Fire retardant can be added to Origins for NFPA 286, Class A rating.

Origins Quick Ship Prices

Pricing is per panel.

1/2″ x 62″ x 73″



1/2″ x 62″ x 84″



Note – 511x Midnight is unavailable in 1/2″ thickness

1″ x 55″ x 83″



1″ x 55″ x 143.5″



Origins Panels Shipping Information –

Origins panels are stacked flat on a wood pallet. Each panel is protected by sheets of recyclable chipboard. Extended forks are required to move the load, otherwise the flexibility of the panels will cause the pallet to break and potentially drive pallet nail heads through the packing material into the bottom panel. Origins weight calculation formula: L” x W” x T” x 0.036 = lbs. Add 400 lbs. tare per 5′ x 8′ pallet, and 600 lbs. for 5′ x 12′ pallets. Origins is shipped LTL (Less Than Truckload),  NMFC – 156830-1, class 55. Packing Charges: $75.00 per pallet.

Origins Material Data

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We will provide a quotation for any inquiries and all orders are acknowledged to the customer.

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Finally, the specifier and/or customer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their applications. Contact us for physical samples.