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Successful Specifications

Green Partitions - Successful Specifications for Polyethylene Partitions

If the goal of specifying a product for a project is to have that product installed in the project, then a few simple steps can be taken to successfully realize this goal.

1. You know your client and know the Yemm & Hart Green Partitions are a good fit with their plans and budget.

2. Insure that accurate specifications are written. Avoid the cut and paste documents that clearly show the writer did not know the product.

3. Specify the panel color by Name and Number. Without this detail, anything could get installed.

4. Specify the manufacturer name and contact information, as in the upper left corner of every page.

5. Know the Green Partitions product through drawings, hardware and details by activating the link below.

6. Know the product you are specifying. Be aware of Green Washing and don't become a victim of deception. You are welcome to tour our polyethylene purification factory where milk jugs are turned into the pure resin that become Origins panels.

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