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Maintenance & Care

Green Partitions Maintenance & Care

The good news is Green Partitions are made with Origins polyethylene and this means that maintenance & care will be relatively easy throughout the partiiton's life. Origins polyethylene is -

• Seamless • Dent & crack resistant • Graffiti Resistant
• Non-absorbent • Non-corrosive • Will Not Rust
• Stain resistant • Will Not Peel • Will Not Delaminate
• Mildew resistant • Odor resistant • Impact Resistant

Plus, many of the Origins Patterns are so visually busy, that graffiti is often discouraged before it starts and what graffiti there might be is often difficult to see. Unfortunately, some graffiti is carved. Here again, Origins Patterns can make such vandalism difficult to see, thus preserving the original look and intent of the partitions.

Here are some tips for keeping your Origins plastic panels beautiful:

NEVER USE ABRASIVES - Abrasive cleaners, abrasive pads or sand paper will remove the bright glossy finish.

Removing Dirt -
1. Origins solid plastic panels can be cleaned satisfactorily by using clean water and wiping with a clean cotton cloth.
2. Heavy dirt can be removed with a garden hose and pressure nozzle.
3. Stubborn areas can be cleaned with -
    a. A mixture of 1/2 cup household detergent, 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate and 1 gallon of water.
    b. Any non-abrasive industrial strength cleaner.
4. Mineral spirits may be used to remove glue and adhesive.

Removing Graffiti -
1. Most graffiti can be removed with readily available cleaners and solvents.
2. Experimentation with various cleaners may be necessary - DO NOT USE ABRASIVES

Cuts and Scratches -
Completely removing cuts and scratches from polyethylene is not possible. However, cuts and scratches can be minimized by burnishing the surface with a smooth, round object, such as a spoon or screwdriver handle. Using the smooth, round object, apply pressure to the cut or scratch and burnish "with" or along the cut or scratch and not against or across it. In some cases it is possible to lightly melt the surface of the polyethylene with a blow dryer or heat gun.

Try wiping the surface of the panels and doors with silicone to give the panels a like new bright and glossy appearance. Also, for a longer term solution, a clear floor finish applied to the area or entire surface will also hide smaller scratches and abrasions.