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Military Foxhole Covers

Strong White Foxhole Cover

Yemm & Hart makes Military Foxhole Covers from 1/2" thick extrusion grade polyethylene (not recycled). Comments from fire control at Ft. Bragg NC: "These are the highest quality covers we have seen."

Black Foxhole CoverFoxhole Cover in Black.

Foxhole Cover to be Trimmed

Foxhole Covers are vacuumed formed to a mold that yields a 63"O.D. cover with an 6" rise and 2" lip. Allow at least 8 weeks ship date. Other sizes and shapes are possible when the volume justifies the mold cost.

Foxhole Cover Color Chart

Military Foxhole Cover Drawing Military Foxhole Cover Drawing
HXM 50100 Polyethylene Material HXM 50100 Polyethylene Material
Manage Sheet Sag PTC-3 Manage Sheet Sag
Thermoforming TIB-81 Thermoforming
Designing Thermoforming Molds TIB-82 Designing Thermoforming Molds
Thermoformed Part Shrinkage TSM-2 Thermoformed Part Shrinkage

Foxhole Cover Drawing