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Yemm & Hart has been a family business since 1981. They are located in the northeastern section of the Mark Twain National Forest in Madison County, Missouri USA. The business specializes in combining materials and processes to create new products which are both unique and useful.

With the help of modern technology, Yemm & Hart is able to remotely leverage the capabilities of diverse factories located throughout the USA in order to create precisely what their customers require. The raw materials of choice for Yemm & Hart are waste materials from our consumer society. These materials have already been extracted from the natural environment and often require less energy to transform into useful and often superior new materials.

Yemm & Hart attempts to have as little impact on the environment as possible. They do not commute to work. They have planted upwards of 26k trees as part of their management of the Yemm Family Forest. They are members of the Missouri Stream Team program, North American Amphibian Monitoring program, the Monarch Joint Venture program and are devoted recyclers.

A new addition to the capabilities of Yemm & Hart are computer games. This intensely popular pursuit requires knowledge of the industry and creativity to attract players.
One example of an early making can be found at: Gem Cube Gane
Here is a glimpse of a very intense game activity: Geometry Dash Levels


Lichen Grasshopper by Simeon Hart Yemm

Lichen Grasshopper © 2010 Simeon Hart Yemm

Baby Blue Jays by Simeon Hart Yemm

Baby Blue Jays © 2011 Simeon Hart Yemm