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Maintenance & Care

Wine Cork Tile Maintenance & Care


Wine Cork Tiles after glue-down installation should be finished. The finish ultimately will act as the wear-layer, thus protecting the cork from wear. There are a variety of finishes available for cork and it is the owner and or contractor's responsibility to select the appropriate finish for the cork floor installation. The finish selected will carry a recommended maintenance and care program applicable to the finish selected. Follow the finish manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and care.

Regular Floor Maintenance

A regular maintenance program is extremely important and will increase the life of the floor and finish. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the amount of traffic on the floor. For general cleaning, a neutral cleaner should be used.

1. Thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt, dust and debris.

2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

* * * IMPORTANT * * * To prevent slip and fall accidents or damage to the floor, ALWAYS block the area being cleaned to floor traffic.

Floor Care

When noticeable accumulation of dirt and other contaminants become apparent on the cork floor, it is time to clean the floor as recommended by the manufacturer of the floor finish. Be sure to inspect tight or confined spaces, and along baseboards. When high-traffic walkways begin showing signs of wear or embedded dirt and debris, it is time to refinish the floor. Follow the floor finish manufacturer's recommendations. Finishing the entire floor surface is generally recommended.

See Wine Cork Tile Accessory Price List for potential cleaners and sealer products.

Care should be exercised when moving or relocating equipment over cork flooring to prevent damage to the floor.

The use of pads, wide casters/rollers, furniture/equipment cups, may prevent excessive indentation.

The performance and guarantee of the products used in preparation, testing, installation and maintenance of cork flooring, during and after installation, remain with the manufacturer of said product, not Yemm & Hart.

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