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Wine Cork Recycling & Purchasing

Yemm & Hart will recycle your corks if you send them to us. We will also pay for them if you follow a few simple rules. We began recycling used wine cork stoppers in 2004 and over the years our recycling program has evolved into what it is today. We deeply appreciate everyone that has sent us their used corks; thank you!


Wine Cork Purchasing rules -

1. A box full of used corks must weigh at least 15 Lbs. This is about 1,500 corks.

2. All packages must include a letter size paper (8-1/2" x 11") with your name, mailing and email address clearly printed on it. Your letter will become our internal document to insure that you get paid.

3. Contact us by email (see page heading above) with your package's 3 dimensions and its weight (you can use a bathroom scale). We will send to you by email, a PDF of a prepaid UPS shipping label that you print out and apply to your package.

4. Give your package to UPS or a business that has regular UPS service. We don't reimburse for UPS pick-up charges.

5. For larger quantities of used cork (300 Lbs or more) that fit on a wood pallet, we will send to you by email, a PDF of a Bill of Lading and Shipping Label to be copied for each container. We will arrange for the shipment to be picked up at no expense to you but you will be responsible for loading the truck.

6. Only full cylinder, real used corks will be accepted for payment, these include whole cork, twin cap and agglomerated wine cork stoppers. Acceptable corks need to have 2 continuous, unbroken circular edges and no significant breakouts on the sides. Not acceptable are broken corks, gnawed corks, drilled corks (cork screws OK), Champagne corks, tapered corks, cork coasters, cork sheet, synthetic stoppers, corks attached to or containing wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, plastic, wax, string, paint, glue, wire or any other non-cork material.

7. The contents of each package will be carefully sorted and weighed. The weights of acceptable cork and culled material will be recorded on your letter which is then forwarded to our accounting office for payment. We pay at the rate of 50¢ per pound ($0.50/Lb) which is approximately 1/2¢ per cork.

8. Payment will be made in the form of a check mailed to the sender within approximately 45 days of receipt of package.

9. Yemm & Hart will make a good faith effort to pay the sender for all used corks and the prearranged shipping costs meeting the requirements set forth herein. Yemm & Hart will not be responsible for payments to anyone in the event a package, documentation or electronic data become lost.

10. Yemm & Hart will still accept to recycle any amount of cork and any type of cork sent at the sender's expense. Please send packages to the following address:

    Yemm & Hart
    Wine Cork Purchasing
    425 N Chamber Dr
    Fredericktown MO 63645

Thank you for your participation in either program.

Sorted Cork

Individuals, business and charitable organizations may now recycle used wine cork stoppers collected in their communities and get paid for it. This takes about 100k acceptable corks to equal five hundred dollars ($500.00). Follow the Wine Cork Purchasing rules (to the left) or contact us at the email address at the top of the page. We will be glad to help get you started.

Cork stoppers that we can recycle but not pay for - damaged corks Broken edge, mangled sides, art project

odd shaped corks Odd shaped cork, Champagne, non-cork knobs & tapered synthetic stoppers
Broken pieces & synthetic stoppers