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Maintenance Care & Repair

Origins Maintenance Care & Repair

Maintenance and Care

Other than occasional cleaning with soap and water, very little maintenance is required for Origins panels. Abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads should be avoided. Food preparation such as cutting or grating should be done on a cutting board and a trivet or hot pad should be used to protect the surface from hot containers. The surface should be kept free of abrasive materials such as sugar, salt and sand. Avoid sliding heavy objects across the counter top. These should have rubber feet or other protection for the surface. Origins is embossed with a texture at the factory to minimize minor scratching, however usage will eventually cause some scratches to develop.


Some scratches may be partially healed by applying pressure with a hard, smooth object such as a spoon and rubbing with the direction of the scratch. A deeper scratch can be removed by sanding, however this will change the sheen of the surface. Thus, the entire surface would need the same amount of sanding to match. Coatings such as silicone or floor sealer may work for hiding minor scratches. A test should always be conducted on a small piece of the material before applying it to the entire top. See Origins Fabrication for additional repair information.

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