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Origins Polyethylene Panels

Information Resources for Material with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Origins Solids Color Chart - All standard SOLID colors on one page w/links to large swatches.

Origins Patterns Color Chart - All standard PATTERNS colors on one page w/links to large swatches.

Origins Virgin Color Chart - Examples of translucent background using little to no post-consumer recycled content.

Price List - Market, Solids, Pellets, Splashes and Shards by panels size and gauge.

Introduction - Trash to art through refinement and compression molding using color to inspire.

Slideshow - Photos of Origins material fabricated, installed and in use.

Specifications - Information about the material required for specification.

Fabrication - Details for safe, high quality fabrication, machining and installation.

Counter Tops - Origins as a laminated or solid surface counter top material.

Maintenance - Maintenance Care & Repair of panel surfaces, including a pdf.

Warranty - For a long lasting panel material warranty, including a pdf.

Properties (pdf) - Typical Properties of polyethylene.

MSDS (pdf) - Material Safety Data Sheet.