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Maintenance & Care

Flexisurf Maintenance & Care

Maintenance: Flexisurf installed indoors with a finish applied, should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the finish manufacturer's recommendations. Otherwise maintenance of the floor by damp mopping with a neutral cleaner is acceptable. A power scrubber or buffer may be used on fully bonded installations following the finish manufacturer's instructions for cleaning. Flexisurf installed outdoors may be cleaned with mild detergent, nylon bristle scrub brush and water. Ensure all soap residue is rinsed from the Flexisurf before allowing to dry. Power washing using medium pressure nozzles may also be utilized for outdoor installations. Stripping removes strippable floor finish and should only be done when renewal of finish no longer produces satisfactory results.

Factory Applied Finish: Yemm & Hart recommends Flexisurf with a factory applied urethane finish. The factory applied finish is thicker than what can be applied in the field. This finish can last 5 to 10 years with adequate maintenance and care.

Field Applied Finish: Flexisurf can be finished in the field and maintained as part of regular floor maintenance program. Strippable and non-strippable finishes can be used. Finishing and refinishing of the floor should only be done when there will be no foot traffic. When this is not possible, rope off one part of the floor to be finished to stop foot traffic, remove construction debris, vacuum area thoroughly as well as the surrounding areas. Scuff marks, grease and gum should be cleaned off with a cleaner/degreaser.

Care: Care should be exercised when moving or relocating equipment over Flexisurf sheet or tiles to prevent damage to the floor. Do not scrub or strip fully bonded floors until at least 4 or 5 days after installation so that the Flexisurf will have become well seated in the adhesive. The use of pads, wide casters/rollers, furniture/equipment cups may prevent excessive indentation. The performance and guarantee of the products used in preparation, testing, installation and maintenance of Flexisurf, during and after installation, remain with the manufacturer of said product and not Yemm & Hart.

Recommended Finishes: Yemm & Hart recommends for a non-strippable finish Hydroline Wood Floor Finish - Satin 4X0310 vinyl/sports floor finish for the most successful maintenance and care. This catalyzed finish is available from Yemm & Hart. When a strippable finish is preferred, Yemm & Hart recommends the Taski brand of floor care products.

Recommended Floor Care Products: The recommended floor care products to be used on Flexisurf installations are manufactured by Basic Coatings and Lever/Taski. Numerous floor care products manufactured by other companies and not specifically recommended by Yemm & Hart may also produce satisfactory results.

Additional Information: Review the Flexisurf Install guide to gain the detailed information required for successful Flexisurf maintenance and care.

Please contact us if you need further information or help with a specific application.