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Materials with Recycled Content

Origins 4 Color SquareOrigins started out as common trash, the polyethylene plastic bottles used just about everywhere on the planet. The material was developed with an emphasis on retaining the original multitude of colors found in the post-consumer waste stream. The raw material for Origins travels through a comprehensive purification process before it is compression molded into flat panels. The resin size and shape, combined with the molding process capture an instant in the movement of molten material, which yields fantastic color patterns.

Wine Cork Tile 2 ColorsWine Cork Tiles were developed by first collecting used wine cork stoppers from individuals and businesses. Corks are granulated to a very fine 10/20 size and then whole wine cork stoppers are mixed in with a food-grade polyurethane binder. The mixture is pressed into a block or cylinder and is then sliced into thin sheets. The resulting material can be used as floor or wall tiles or laminated to a substrate. The all cork material features visible whole wine cork stoppers that help the material acknowledge its origins.

Tire Veneer 4 ColorsTire Veneer originates in the tire retreading industry, also a form of recycling. It is made by using the pure rubber granules called buffings from the old tire treads and mixing in a decorative colored EPDM rubber with a non-toxic polyurethane binder. The mixture is pressed into a block or cylinder and is then sliced into thin sheets for use as floor covering or veneer. The resulting material, Tire Veneer, is typically used as a resilient interior and exterior environmentally responsible sports flooring material because it reduces fatigue and noise.

Flexisurf 4 ColorsFlexisurf used to be, swimming pool covers, industrial roofing membranes and automobile upholstery trim scrap. These materials are granulated and fed into a sheet extruder where color pigment is added. The result is Flexisurf which rivals conventional flooring in price and appeal and exceeds in quality and durability. Flexisurf is easy to clean and maintain. It is stain, chemical, weather, impact and puncture resistant as well as non-corrosive. Flexisurf can potentially delay the typical PVC disposal in landfills by as much as 50 years.