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Gem Cube Game Thycket

Origins 501 Confetti - 100% Recycled Plastic

Origins 501 Confetti

100% Post-Consumer Restroom Partitions

Restroom Partitions

Origins 304 SF Natural as restroom partitions for NYC Parks, Olmstead Center, New York City, New York.

Tire Veneer 499 Black - 100% Recycled Rubber

Tire Veneer 499 Black

Surfacing Applications w/ Recycled Materials

Surfacing Materials

Winecork Tile and Tire Veneer on wine cork recycling fixture for Whole Foods Market, Brentwood, Missouri.

Waterjet Cut Partitions from Recycled Material

Origins Waterjet Cut

Origins 120 Dogwood 3/4" (19mm) panels for
Teknion furniture showroom in San Francisco, California

CNC Engraved Recycled Material

Origins 117 Lime Engraved

Origins 117 Lime panel engraved by
Syracuse University Design Works, Syracuse, New York.


Counters & Vanities from Recycled Material

Origins 503 Cinema Vanity

Origins 503 Warm Orange vanity/counter top for
South Campus Gateway Cinema, Columbus, Ohio

Partitions & Privacy Screens from Recycled Material

Origins 129 Graphite Partitions & Screens

Origins 128 Graphite partitions and screens for
Hollywood Station 14 Cinema, Springfield, Missouri